Are You Prepared To Go On Your First Solo Trip

Not everyone believes that they are up to parasailing on the Mediterranean sea all alone by themselves. Some people view it as lonely while others view it as empowering. Even for the most empowered of women and men, it can be tough to plan a whole trip by yourself. More than that it is hard to be mentally prepared for your very first solo trip. Even if it is thirty minutes away from your house, it can be nerve-wracking when you are embarking on an adventure alone.

You ask yourself too much or you miss too much. You make a thousand mistakes or you make no mistake but still somehow forget your toothbrush. Travel is never easy-peasy. The meaning of travel becomes even harder when it is alone. But the more challenging it is the more rewarding it is too. 

This guide will help you understand if you are travelling for the right reasons and if you are ready for your solo trip away from your family, work, your fellow forex trading brokers, colleagues and neighbours too. 

  • Are You Ready For Some Personal Growth?

Travelling is somewhat romanticized in the notion of “finding yourself”. While you don’t figure out all of your passions overnight, travel provides a lot of insight into your own little habits, routines and interests. If your number one priority to solo travel is to find your own independence and grow, then solo travel is ready for you. One of the biggest perks of solo travel is how independent you become after. You are much more confident in your own decisions after almost losing your bag in baggage claim or dealing with extremely unhostile customs. Maybe you even had a homestay with random people and picked up on some of their values, but either way, you become much more aware of your won strengths and weaknesses, therefore trusting yourself. 

  • Getting Out Of Loneliness

Are you stuck in a rut of work-home-sleep? You have no people to connect with and now you have bubbled yourself in loneliness. Loneliness is not a sign of weakness. It is a natural thing that happens to every human being when we are far too distant from people. Especially emotionally. If you believe solo travel if your fix to loneliness, then you are absolutely right. People say solo travel sounds lonely. But it is rather the opposite. When making your way from hostel to hostel or even hotel to hotel, you meet so many likeminded people. You also meet so many people who are solo travelling just like you. People can come from different cultures but they can connect with you in ways you won’t imagine. 

  • Confidence Booster

Are you in desperate need of a confidence booster? Solo travel can build up your confidence like no other. It breaks you down but also builds you back up. It gives you so much time for reflection and so many connections. The more people you meet from various cultures the better it is for our own self-esteem, confidence, knowledge and inspirations. 

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