Coming Up With A Brand Name

When you are starting a business of your own, you need to be on the lookout for so many different aspects of it. Running a business is not as simple as we see on the surface, such as those already on top of the business chain. Before they get to reach a certain level of achievement, they also have to go through the first early steps into it. The main feature that you should be considering is the brand name. Without a good and catchy brand name, it will be a struggle to marketise in today’s advancing world that is full of many brilliant startup companies. Your brand name embraces other points such as the tagline and your business’ logo. With all these three components combined together, you will get a great-looking brand and the best engagement for the public to be aware of. 

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When coming up with a brand name, you have a lot to focus on. You need to consider the logo mark, the typography for the brand name and tagline, the colour choices and the figurative meaning behind it. As there are an increasing amount of businesses in many industries, we need to strive for the simplest yet most memorable name to be embedded in the audience’s minds. 

In order to make a decision for all these aspects, you need to think of the vision of your business first. This will help you to discover and understand the primary reason why you build this company. When you manage to finally realise the main purpose of it, you will be able to reflect your true intention into creating a meaningful image. This step is widely used by top branding agency Malaysia when they are assisting clients in creating an impressive logo. 

When you are done with logo designing, you need to move forward to deciding the colour production for your brand. You should take your time in determining this because you are not supposed to use any colours without doing background checks. There are types of psychologically influenced colours that are proven to have some distinctive reactions on those who see them. The easiest instance that we can take into account is the colour red. Many fast-food joints and restaurants have their branding in the blood-red colour. KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s all share the same chief colour while intertwining with other side colours that are not similar to one another. This is because the red colour is confirmed to have the ability to manipulate the audience’s mind to think they are hungry and the desire to get the food from the brands. 

Another tip you should be focusing on is typography. This aspect plays one of the most important roles in determining whether your branding is good or otherwise. If you have one or two words in the brand name, it is advisable to use calligraphy to bring better impact whereas longer sentences should apply classical serif points. It is said that Steve Jobs weighs typography a lot when he was in his university days.