Top 3 Private Institutions in Malaysia

List of Universities in Malaysia -

Once SPM leavers are done with their exams and their secondary school life. One of the things that they really look forward to is choosing a University that they want to get into of their own volition. Getting into a public university is fairly hard as only the best of the best get picked to go here and they’re even awarded certain scholarships to entice them to make a decision and head to that institution. What about the other guys? What about the people that performed admirably but not as well as the other guys that achieved flying colors in their exams. Don’t they deserve a spot in a public university too? If that’s not the case then where are they supposed to go? Well, most of the average students normally head to a private institution which in their case might not be so bad because some of the private institutions here have degrees that are accredited by really high institutions in the United Kingdom or the United States of America. This means that once they finish their tertiary education they actually have a fighting chance in the job market and can potentially hold up some of the other applications with accreditation like this. So with all of that out of the way, What are some of the institutions that are available to the public that are ranked higher than the rest. Here they are.

  1. Widad University College

Widad University College is a fairly new name that has recently entered the tertiary university market and they have made a fairly big mark here too. Their selling point is the variety of courses that they offer from game design to kursus sains sukan. They also have a fairly low cost on their courses here and are slowly rising the ranks and are in the talk and mix between the public colleges that are highly ranked here in malaysia. If you’re planning on finishing up your tertiary education then look no further as Widad University College are here to help you with all of your education needs.

  1. INTI

INTI have been in the education game for a long time and will most likely be here for a long time as they have been expanding their reach to many different states in Malaysia. INTI will normally be one of the first choices for a higher education between students because almost all their seniors have at least talked about it and visited the campus. The campus life is also a big part of why people make the decision that pushes them to choose INTI as the private institution of their choosing

  1. Sunway University

Sunway University is also notorious for having an enticing campus life as they are situated in the heart of Sunway. They also follow the AUSMAT format which most students tend to like as it means it’s a different breath of air there and most people like to try different things. Sunway are also ranked pretty high up the ranks too.

If you’re choosing a private institution then make sure these guys are in the mix as you wouldn’t want to make decisions without them in it. You also might want to read about How To Avoid Infecting Your Computer With Viruses