How To Manage Laboratory Equipment?

With the progress and development of science and technology, laboratory equipment malaysia are becoming more and more specialised and complex, and relevant test projects rely on a large number of equipment to be carried out. The gradual promotion of information management and the further standardisation of laboratory construction have put forward higher and higher requirements for the management of laboratory equipment.

Analysis of the problems in the management of laboratory equipment

Emphasis on the use of equipment, the management of equipment, the use of laboratory equipment for a long time to pay more attention than the degree of maintenance of equipment such as a variety of laboratory equipment management system is not strict, the implementation of insufficient, backward management means, the management of equipment has not formed the correct awareness and positioning, laboratory management process as long as laboratory equipment to ensure the use of little attention to its management, in the actual use of the process is rarely managed, making the management of equipment in a relatively passive situation.

The laboratory equipment failure prevention is not enough attention to the management process of the laboratory, can not regularly on the laboratory equipment for periodic management and prevention of failure, and the use of equipment does not have the corresponding prevention concept, so that many equipment failure prevention work is not in place, in the work of the laboratory equipment is easy to lead to failure and problems.

The maintenance and upkeep of various laboratory equipment is not strong enough, and in the laboratory testing process, the maintenance and upkeep management of equipment is often not done properly.

The importance of management responsibility is not enough for the management of the testing laboratory, there must be a clear management responsibility, in many laboratory management process, although there are a variety of corresponding norms and documents, but the specific responsibility for the implementation of the pressure is not in place, can not make the management of people and equipment to correspond.

The task of laboratory equipment management is to maintain the maximum performance of the equipment, extend the working life of the equipment, promote the work of the laboratory, improve the management level and service level of the laboratory, provide macro data and decision-making for the laboratory management and save laboratory costs through standardised, process-oriented and information-based management and control, focusing on each stage of management and control.