Jom Apply Time

Jom Apply Time

Wifi is a commodity that has been wholly and completely integrated into the existence of the world as a whole. In Malaysia, this can be attributed to Jom Apply Time. The connectivity it has provided is unmatched and has allowed people to become more aware and knowledgeable about worldly affairs while also finding entertainment and satiating those itchy ‘I wonder’ questions such as, “I wonder if leaves have feelings?”. 

In a world that is actively moving forward and making leaps in every aspect of existence, wifi or high speed internet connection is not an exception to the principle of advancement. Home internet has gone from being dial up that could only be used on device at a time and was dependent on the landline to a sleek box that is providing wifi to at least five devices at any given time. While there was a time when the speed of the wifi used to be affected by the number of devices it was connected with, that is no longer the case. People can easily stream 4K videos on their smart TVs while playing games online on their laptops and streaming music from their wifi enabled speakers using their Jom Apply Time wifi and the speed of the wifi will remain unaffected. This has been made possible due to the bounding leaps made in the industry of the internet. 

Given how Malaysia is a hub for higher education, many students make Malaysia their second home for at least three years while they pursue their degrees. During this time, they require a strong wifi connection for a multitude of reasons. However, since these students are more often than not unaware of what kind of wifi to get and which to avoid, they often get the wrong service based on inaccurate recommendations. By the time the student realizes that the wifi is horrible, it is often too late for them to back out. Thus, they are left stuck with a package that is absolutely horrendous with speeds that are laughable if they weren’t so infuriating. 

What is Jom Apply? 

Jom Apply is Malaysia’s most trusted wifi provider. This is due to the fact that they bring Malaysia’s top internet providers, Unifi, Time, and Maxis, under one roof. 

Jom Apply Time

What is Jom Apply Time? 

Jom Apply Time is one of the three internet services provided by Jom Apply. Affectionately dubbed as Malaysia’s favourite internet service, Time promises no data limits and no speed throttling, it is an incredibly reliable and the perfect option for those who are looking for a high speed connection at an affordable price. 

How to Apply? 

  1. Go to the official website of Jom Apply Time or Time.
  2. Fill up the application form on the website. 
  3. Submit the form to confirm the order. 
  4. Wait 24 hours for a verification call. The purpose of the call is to confirm the details provided in the form. 
  5. Once the verification process has been completed, one can set a date best suited for them for the installation appointment. 
  6. During the installation, the technician will happily answer any and all questions that one may have about their connection. 
  7. Enjoy the new connection! 
Jom Apply Time