Proven Facts: Sad or Horrifying Relationship With The Internet?

The internet is a vast place. It is a void. A fast internet data like JomApply Time can boost your internet speed so you can enjoy uninterrupted internet surfing.

How many hours do you spend online

How many hours do you spend online? I understand that the internet is an endless world where there is no limitation on what you want to do or you want to explore. However, don’t ditch reality. No matter how much you stuff your face and mind with Internet usage, you still have to face the reality. Don’t jeopardize reality with your online addiction. 3 to 5 hours a day might still be okay but if you are online for more than 6 hours a day (other than work purposes), it might be unhealthy for you. 

Do you often compare yourself to the people you see online?

The internet is a limitless void to be discovered. Even beauty can be faked online. There are filters, editing apps and effects that can be applied on images and video. If you find yourself comparing your life, physical attributes and lifestyle with another person, you might develop an issue with your self-esteem. If this continues longer, you can lose yourself. One of the reasons that could lead people to feel insecure is they focused on their flaws too much. When we are not confident or ashamed of ourselves, then we will emit an unfriendly and un-approachable aura. Skin color, height, weight, face shape, academic qualifications and lifestyle are some of the insecurities that you could be facing.

Lack of Sleep/ Irregular Sleeping Schedule

Before going to bed, do you keep scrolling your smartphone? Then, you will have difficulty falling asleep or you might take some time to do so. Lack of sleep can have psychological effects on adolescents including irritability, impaired social skills and poor memory that can affect their academic achievement.

Selfie Syndrome

Everyone loves taking pictures. Some people like taking pictures of sunset, food or their pets. Lounging around the home while taking selfies and posting them on social media is another ways to fight boredom. Some people are also addicted to taking selfies. Do what you like or you want to do. If you feel the urge to take selfies every single day especially during unnecessary times, it could be one of the signs of narcissism. Nowadays, teenagers continue to try to show their best self -image through selfies, adding to the problem of narcissism. Narcissism reflects an enlarged self-worth that actually hides the problem of insecurity. In addition to the desire for ‘perfect’ selfies, teens can also get caught up in sending nude or sexual selfies to someone or receiving sexual photos from someone.

Obsessions Towards People You Seen Online

You love certain influencers, celebrities and people you follow online to the point it becomes creepy. You would support them with no hesitation and look at them every single day. Of course, it’s not wrong if you follow someone who is active on social media. If you are wise in using it, social media can provide many benefits. In addition to adding friends, you can also increase your knowledge and income.

Do you think you have a healthy relationship with the internet and social media? Make slow changes little by little before it is too late and blossoms into an internet addiction. Contact JomApply Time for cheap internet rates.