Study Medicine in Malaysia: Things You Should Know

If you are one of the people who dream or plan to take the path of becoming a professional in the field of medicine, you are in the right place. First, planning on becoming something great needs a lot of preparation and needs to be as early as possible. Starting early on in your high school education by earning high grades and good records on your report card are good preparation. The reason for this is because most universities have quota grades required from your previous institution to let you in on their medical programs or degrees. After that, 6 years of medical education from a university like bachelor of medicine malaysia will come your way and the best preparation for this is to study well and diligently.

But where do you get the medical degree you want? Or to what university should you apply? There is a simple answer to these questions and the only answer is to go to the best. Get your medical degree from the best university in the best country you could find. The factors of finding the best country will depend on you and your wants. But in general, one of the best countries offering medical degree programs, especially in Asia, is Malaysia. Below is some information about the things you should know before considering studying medicine in Malaysia.

Why Study Medicine in Malaysia?

Malaysia has been one of the most progressive and developed countries in Southeast Asia. The country is known as one of the leading countries exporting agricultural products yet only a few countries know how technologically advanced and developed the country is, especially in the field of medicine. Still, there is traditional medical education available in the country but mostly, they are integrated with modern technology and ways of learning.

So, do not waste your early preparations and pursue an education in this country if you want to become among the heroes who save lives and take care of the sick.

What are the requirements?

For the requirements to study medicine in Malaysia, the usual documents needed for applying to an international university are asked for. Some of the requirements to prepare before going to the country include two documents or cards that will prove your identity and nationality such as a passport, birth certificate, or any of your country’s government-issued IDs, papers, and documents from your previous academic institution such as report card, certificate of good moral, and a graduation certificate, lastly, other required documents for your application and legality of stay in Malaysia such as application forms, admission fees, and student visa.

Furthermore, the students must take and pass the required entrance exam scores to meet the primary requirements of studying medicine in Malaysia. Also, a non-English international student must first take an English Language Proficiency Test and get the required score to enter a certain university.

What do you need to become a doctor in Malaysia?

After finishing your curriculum on medicine, you will need to complete another two years of internship before being qualified to take the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia which is an examination to let you work and be accepted in government posts. After passing this, you will be considered as a physician and can conduct medical practices.