Tips For University Student To Save Money 

University students who have not yet received PTPTN loan assistance are definitely looking for ways to generate more income. Actually save money the right way to allow you to have stable and plentiful savings.

Saving money is not necessarily because there is no money, but saving money is a financial preparation for the future. It could be an emergency, need a certain amount of money at a certain time, maybe they also want to raise money from now on to buy assets, cars and more. It is not easy to save money when you are a student. 

There are several ways to save money for students that we can follow in this article.

Build Interest And Personal Funds

First and foremost, you need to create interest and personal funds by setting aside some special funds for storage. Among them are the money that will be used specifically to complete assignments, food money, spending money and more.

By isolating using a tube, like separating it into each tube, savings will be more effective and easier to manage. Make a schedule or record each time there is money in the funds. It is very important, do not take money out of these tubes!

Control Your Spending Tightly

Control your every expense neatly and carefully. It’s best to make an expense book that records money in and out for each day. You should also keep a record of the small amount of money you spend. How to save money for these students will prevent money from leaking by useless things.

Color Money Tube 

Again with the tube tips. This color money fund is very effective for those who really want to save in their own and disciplined way. How to save money for these students is very simple where they need to separate the money according to the color of the money and save. 

Sitting In The Dorm or Hostel 

Almost every local university provides dormitories for its students who are active in the university. Get involved in university activities such as co -curriculum, associations and others to allow you the opportunity to continue sitting in the dormitory.

Do Not Smoke or Vape

Smoking always has a negative impact both financially and health. As a student, well you save all the money you can think of to use to buy that cigarette. And by the time you’re done studying, you probably already have enough savings for your next plan. Whether it’s a plan to have a family or to start your own business.

Wash Your Own Clothes

Student shirts are usually not much and students have a lot of free time especially on weekends. Wash your own clothes and avoid sending clothes to the laundry or using a paid washing machine.

Share Your Learning Equipment

There are learning tools or equipment that can be shared between students. An example is a printer. 

In this list, there are several tips for you. We hope that this article helps you. If you are looking for IT services and support malaysia, choose Alpha Backup