Types Of Sex That Exist In Real Life

“SEX” can be a tempting act. In the world where everyone is seeking for their dreams, desire, pleasure is also not left out by people. We might be familiar with people who tends to share about their experience in sex, or sometimes over sharing a information like detail about their sex life experience is able to influence people’s mind  regarding this topic, therefore in today’s topic, we are going to talk about types of sex exist in this world, and what happens during those sex. So, without further ado, let’s get our minds a bit dirty.

Erogenous Touching

A beginner form of getting physical with others. This act doesn’t require any kind of penetrative sex of getting deep with one other. Most of this technique is to create sexual gratification like touching each others erogenous zone to stimulate arousal. In addition, during this method, there are times where people are able to orgasm, depending on the process as well. The more they get sexually arouse, there are chance that one is able to get orgasm. 

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“Sex Toy” Sex

Sex toy sex is pretty much as how it sounds like, the sex toy is able to deliver the orgasm that one needs, hence, the use of such adult sex toys like cock rings, vibrating penis rings, magic wand, dildos, vibrating dildo or g-spot vibrators, clitoris vibrators, bullet vibrators are able to produce the climax that people wants. 

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Anal Sex

Anal sex is one of the hardest sex ever. Because the penetration takes place at the anus, therefore, it needs to be done with extra care. Yet there are also people who enjoys anal sex with their partners. But here’s what you might need to know about having anal sex.

  • It’s pregnancy safe, since the penetration is taking place at the anus, not the vagina.
  • Chances of getting pregnant is low, but be careful to not ejaculate inside the vagina, as this can cause pregnancy.
  • Use more lube, or keep a lube standby since the anus doesn’t create lube on its own.
  • Do not be aggressive while having sex, since the possibility of hurting your partner is high. 
  • Aggressive anal sex can lead to tearing and injury to the anus.
  • Anal sex can be both painful to you and your partner if you are not well prepared.
  • Foreplay is always important to relax both of you.

In conclusion, there are more types of sex out there, but none of these sex are followed or practice by people. Remember the key to have a great sex is to do what makes you comfortable, the more comfortable you are, the more you’re able to enjoy your sex.

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