What Is Postpartum Care For New Mothers?

Mothers are the superheroes of the world. They carry a baby in their tummy for nine months and suffer all types of discomfort and pain. Their organ placements in their body are changed and pushed during the growth of their baby. These are some of the reasons mothers have to urinate more often than the average person because their uterus is pressing onto their bladder.

Unfortunately, it does not stop there. Even after the birth of their baby, mothers have a lot of work to do if they want their bodies to heal from the experience. Their mental health is also put at risk after birth. Some mothers might experience postpartum depression which requires the help of medical professionals and medical treatment. 

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Therefore, postpartum care is essential for mothers, as it will allow them to regain stability in their life again. Here are several things a mother can look out for and incorporate in her daily life to ensure that her body heals both mentally and physically. 

Mental health check-up

As mentioned before, mothers have a high risk of suffering from postpartum depression. However, there is also a condition called baby blues. These two conditions are similar in many ways, but there is one detail that separates them. Let us explore how to differentiate them.

It is very normal for mothers to experience baby blues after the birth of their child. This condition occurs due to the fact that they are experiencing hormonal changes in their bodies. The symptoms of baby blues include restlessness, insomnia, irritability, sadness, and unexplained crying. 

The listed symptoms are similar to the symptoms that are observed by those suffering from postpartum depression. The only difference is, that if these symptoms are observed to be shown by the mothers for more than two weeks, it would be assumed that they have postpartum depression. 

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Physical changes

Other than that, a mother can undergo several physical changes that may affect her greatly. One of the more usual changes includes gaining weight. Other changes include uterine pain, vaginal discharge, and breast enlargement. 

A mother’s uterus shrinks back to its original form after giving birth. During this process, the shrinking can cause cramps. These pains do reduce over time. 

Furthermore, a woman’s uterus has to shed the excess tissue and blood after childbirth. So, these vaginal discharges are normal, but only if it comes in a spotting form. If a mother experiences heavy bleeding, such occurrences are abnormal. Seek a doctor if this occurs. If the discharge is normal, a mother can wear sanitary pads or napkins until said discharge comes to a halt. 

Mothers experience breast engorgement because it will be filled with milk. However, the swelling might be uncomfortable. Therefore, a mother should invest in items that help ease any discomfort. Invest in items such as pillow support for breastfeeding mothers in Malaysia. These pillows allow the mother to feel comfortable because it supports her back when feeding her newborn. 

Check up on the new mother for these symptoms and changes. Make sure they are well taken care of and loved despite these changes.